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From little things big things grow … The Head On Momento Photobook Awards 2013

Momento produces books for all kinds of photographers, from mums and students to internationally renowned photojournalists. Whatever your skill level we will print, bind and handcraft your images in to premium quality photo books that will make you and your photography look great, and maybe even win you awards!

We’re also passionate about showcasing Australian photography far-and-wide so we jumped on board to support Head On way back in the noughties, to produce a small but powerful publication of the Portrait Prize finalists’ photos that continues to be enjoyed long after the ceremony and exhibition finished, by art lovers (and proud mums) worldwide.

Head On Photo Festival Collection Books

Own a piece of Australian photographic history. Buy the Head On, Add On and Head Off collection books at Momento Shop.

We’ve all eaten lots of greens since then, so much in fact that the Head On Photo Festival is now 2nd largest in the world, the Head On book is a three-part collector series (Head On, Add On and Head Off) and the Momento Pro Photobook Of The Year Awards has evolved into the Head On Momento Photobook Awards to become one of three official prizes of the Festival.  This means more great Australian photography, appearing more often in photo book format, on more coffee-tables. Next year we will conquer the universe!

Ofer Levy of Winners_12A1623 for email, WEB

Geoff Hunt, MD of Momento congratulating winners of the Head On Momento Photobook Awards; (L to R) Ingvar Kenne (Photobook Of The Year – Winner & Portrait Photobook winner); Dan O’Day (Photojournalism & Documentary Photobook winner); Michael Kai (Open Category & Photobook Of The Year – Runner Up); Mark Pokorny for Robert Cameriere (Landscape & Travel Photobook winner)

The Awards were open to all photographers and all photo books: published, unpublished, digital format or printed with Momento and other print-on-demand book services. We received 131 entries that resulted in 21 finalists including: a graduate student’s book on Beards; a catalogue of quilted beards (Movember must have inspired an art movement); a series of cockatoo portraits with a transcription of their amusing interview with Leila Jeffreys; and a collection of Pakistani school kids photographed with their colourful drawings by Andrea Francolini.

After many hours of review and active debate by book publishing experts including Paulina de Laveaux of Thames & Hudson, award-winning book designer Mark Gowing, commercial photographer Urs Buhlman, picture editor Louisa Kirby and Capture mag Editor Marc Gafen (with Moshe watching silently from the sideline) the winners were announced on Friday, 3 May to an audience of thousands at Turner Hall, TAFE Sydney Institute.

100's & 1000's

Thousands of photography lovers came to celebrate the winners of the Head On Awards.  Photo by Tom Koprowski (thanks).

A big congratulations to these clever photographers who also know how to lay out a well-designed book.

Ingvar Kenne was the Head On Momento Photobook Of The Year 2013 – Winner for his book, CITIZEN Portrait 1997-2012 published by Au.Thentic Press.The judges felt that Ingvar’s book was, “a great concept, with beautiful and original photography in a tasteful, pared back book design.” Ingvar celebrated with us later and said of his win, “it was a great surprise especially given the strong field of artists that contended for the Photobook prize. Recognition on this level also affirms that sticking to something for 15 plus years has paid off.” Ingvar now has more money in the bank care of his $5,000 cash prize and $5,000 Momento credit.

Struck by the originality of Michael Kai’s book The World Is Yours the judges (and Moshe and Momento) felt compelled to add a new prize of $1,000 product.  The combined panel remarked that, “It is a creatively adventurous work with stunning, conceptual images and an unpredictable design.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the Head On Momento Photobook Awards Exhibition at the State Library, currently showing until 23 June.

Michael Kai is a German born Melbourne boy who was a documentary photographer during the Bosnian war and is now a successful commercial photographer. He has an obvious passion for texture, symmetry and optical illusion. 

You may have expected the Documentary and Photojournalism Photobook to have been about the horror of war or a natural disaster but no! Hats off to wedding photographer Dan O’Day for “proving that intimate, observational photography of ordinary folk is equally worthy.” Ginger and Pearl lived in the same house, just down the road from Dan, for 65 years and everything about their home wreaks of comfortable, established love. We imagine that Pearl, who passed away only a few week’s ago, would have been proud of Dan’s achievement.

The last (but not least) of the winners was Robert Cameriere whose book, sicilia, won the Travel and Landscape category, inspired by his Italian heritage, its landscape and modern day characters.

We hope this list of Award winners and finalists, their books and photography inspires your own creativity, you can see see all the photo book finalists and winners here. Don’t forget you can help one of them win $1,000 in cash and $1,000 in Momento product by visiting the exhibition and voting for them on the People’s Choice Award Form.

geoffFor those of you who take your photography and photo book design seriously you might be interested in the Future Of Photo Book Publishing Forum we’re hosting at the Museum of Sydney on Wed night, 29 May.

If beginner or enthusiast photography is more your speed, come along to meet us and see our products at the Vivid Festival’s, Digital Playground from Fri 30 May to Sun 2 Jun.  We’ll be focusing on holiday, recipe, and all things photo books.

Peter Eastway travel photo bookSo if you’re now inspired download Momento’s free software to start making your own award-winning photo book today. Good luck and have fun!

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