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Top 10 Momento Software Tips

Our insider tips on how to get the most out of the Momento software for efficient and enjoyable photo book design. Note: This blog post was created in 2013 so the photos are a tad dated but you’ll be pleased to know that we’ll be working on new tutorials and design guides in 2019.

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1. Pre-plan If You Can

When you Start A New Project be sure to select the size you intended to print your book at. If you change your mind, you can always adjust the size via the ‘Page’ menu but keep in mind that both the images and text will be scaled accordingly.


2. Select Before You Start

If you’re like me you’ll take hundreds of photos on holiday. I review mine at the end of every day and delete the duds so I don’t feel overwhelmed when I get home and find there’s 1000s to choose from. Be careful to keep all the original photos filed safely on your computer and maybe even make a back up disc. Then BEFORE you open the Momento software, review and choose the photos you want to include in your project, and copy them into a new folder. Trust me this will save you lots of design time and potential heartbreak.


    Create a new folder on your desktop and then distinctly name it. 'Paste' the copied photos into this new folder

3. Sort Them Out

The photos for your project might come from your mobile phone, your DSLR, your family and friends so whatever you do, make sure you file all your photos and your project file (.MBK) in a single folder and give it a descriptive name (like Momento Bali Book). When they’re all filed and before starting your project, rotate the photos to the correct orientation to avoid issues when using Templates and Quickbooks. Note: Different cameras use different file-names so select Sort By Date to view them all by chronological order in the Photo Panel.


4. Get A Head Start With Auto-Layouts

Get off to a cracking start and create a photo book design in minutes by using the software’s Auto Layout Templates option first. Just point to your folder of photos and confirm how many photos you want to appear per page and the software does the rest for you. Review the design and let it inspire you. If you don’t like it, don’t worry, you can edit, adjust and customise the design as much as you like.



5. To Auto Enhance Or Just Enhance?

When you start a new project you can choose to Auto enhance all the photos in your photo book. If you do it will increase the colour intensity and contrast in all photos. This is great if all the photos were taken in the same lighting conditions but most projects include photos from different people and cameras. Some are dull, some bright, some over exposed and under exposed. If the photos come from various sources use the Colour Enhance check box in the Tools Panel instead, and apply the effect to photos one at a time.



6. Sneaky Shortcuts That Save Time

The Momento software is very democratic! You can apply the same effect via different means – you choose. Most effects are accessible in a drop down menu, via a right-click on the mouse and/or by clicking a button or icon. For example, below are 3 different ways to create a full bleed image.



One shortcut you may not be aware of is care of the sneaky button with 3 stripes. It’s your friend as it allows you to apply the same effect to multiple photos or pages. Use it if you want to use to the same frame on all photos or the same background on all pages.


7. Reposition With The Space Bar

If you find a template that you like but the photo is cropped in the wrong spot, just hold down the Space Bar and drag the photo up, down or sideways in to your preferred position. This is much easier and quicker than resizing manually.


8. Creative Framing

If you like a background and want to make it a photo frame, here’s how:

1. Deselect Replace Mode (Edit > Replace Mode)

2. Drag the background on to the page

3. Click Layout > Clear Background (this will make the background behave like a photo)

4. Click Layer > Move To Back and it will be positioned behind the photo


9. Colour Changing

Sometimes I find an embellishment I love but it isn’t quite the right colour for my photo book design. The colour of an embellishment, or a photo or background, can be easily changed with the Saturation and Hue sliders in the Tools Panel. Have a play and see what colours you can make, if you don’t like it, take the sliders back to ‘0’. This is particularly helpful for changing or synchronising the colour of graphic letters, like Fridge Magnets.


10. Preview, Proof, Check And Double Check

We’ve left the best until last … check your preview PDF and all the Warnings listed in the Finish screen before you hit the EXPORT button. Be vigilant! Check for spelling mistakes, font errors, blurry images, colour problems, broken spans, missing photos and incorrect spacing. You could even get someone with fresh eyes take have a look as they might see something you don’t. Only when you are 100% happy and sure, upload your MBK and place your order. Remember: Momento can’t edit your file or change your order.



    • Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the comment. I’m glad you will be better prepared for the next book with my tips. Are there any other things that you would like to know about re. photo books? Many thanks, Carina

    • Thanks Irene for your comment. I am so glad that you love your books and the tips are helpful. Next week there will be an embellishment post, giving insight into using embellishments in your book designs. Enjoy!- Carina

  1. Sally C

    Hello Carina, I too thoroughly enjoy making Momento books and reliving, and/or experiencing something new. The biggest problem I have experienced is accurate positioning of images, embellishments etc. This is made difficult because of the lack of a zoom in to see better button. The first few books I didn’t bother to create a pdf to proof, (big mistake), but the last one I did, and I’m so glad because on at least half the pages there were slight misalignments that looked OK on my monitor. A “Zoom”button would be a great feature to add. Mind you I didn’t know about the “sneaky stripey button” that may prevent some of these sneaky misalignments. Perhaps it should include embellishments as well – or does it?

    • Hi Sally, Thanks for your comment. Yes, a zoom button is a very big priority for us too! Unfortunately, a zoom isn’t an easy thing to create, so there will be a little wait. The ‘sneaky stripy’ button doesn’t work with embellishments I’m sorry, but don’t forget to use your rulers and guides. These can be really useful when trying to align embellishments and text across 2 pages. Good luck with your next project, and please don’t hesitate to give our customer service team a call on 1300 799 764 if you ever have any questions or problems. Kind regards, Carina.

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  3. Roger Skinner

    Heya… Libby cant remember if you showed us how to get all images to resize to fit safe are when you did your presentation @MDCC

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