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Our Family History by Petra PlukavecMomento’s free layout software makes it easy and enjoyable to design a stylish family history book and in this post we’ll offer up our biggest design tips and show how the software’s hundreds of readymade graphics will help you create a professional looking publication when used in moderation.


Keep it simple

Our number one rule is to ‘keep it simple’ and remember that ‘less is more.’ This means using only one or two different fonts, frames and backgrounds throughout the book, and no more than four photos per page – unless it’s a symmetrical grid of related images. And don’t be afraid to print just one image on a page – especially if it’s an important one. Likewise you don’t have to use any page decorations if they don’t enhance your story.


Accessing more embellishments

Download more Embellishment Packs via the Updater Panel on the right side of the software.




Embellishments for family history books

Here’s our favourite selection of Embellishments Packs for family histories, reunion books, memoirs and This Is Your Life style publications, with examples of how they can be used in page layouts below.



Old school graphics

To complement this old family holiday photo I used an old parchment style background from the Family pack and a postage stamp frame from StandardFrames2. For visual interest I also added an label from the Travel embellishment pack.



Meaningful design
To introduce the chapter about my grandma, I created a Title page with a background from the Wild Wallpaper pack because it reminded me of her school uniform. I then added the writing paper graphic from Old Times, as it was similar to the writing paper she used to correspond with her parents. For nostalgia I used the Fade to Edges frame from the Transitions pack.



Now and then
A great way to show the connection between past and present is to present photos of similar subjects from different eras on the same page, like my mum’s camping snaps from childhood and teenage years. In keeping I’ve used the sticky tape frame (StandardFrames2) and Polaroid frame (StandardFrames1) to reflect the different decades. The art paper  background is from StandardBackgrounds1, the tag from Travel, and the ribbon from Autumn.


Get creative
To frame this photo of mum and her sisters growing up on the farm together, I’ve used a  gingham background from In The Kitchen then used the ‘Hue’ slider in the Tools Panel to change it from red to blue. To reflect the ‘childhood’ theme I’ve added cupcake embellishments and a sweet pink frame from the Sugar and Spice pack.



Grandad graphics

The diamond pattern background from Old Times is almost an exact replica of a cardigan my Grandpa used to wear and it blends nicely with the Paper Edge frame from Old Times and the Plaque embellishment from the Father embellishment pack. Applying the Fade to Edges frame (Transitions) to the background also gives it a sense of a ‘past memory’.



Inspiring family history books:

More family history book advice:


  1. Lorraine Lee

    Thanks for the inspiration. I also dabble a bit in “Digital Scrapbooking”. I have a large stash of digital papers, embellishments, frames etc that I can include if I can’t find anything I like in the Momento packs. It’s just a matter of locating the folder in my Scapbooking supplies and importing it in. Alternatively you can set up a specific folder of “digital goodies” before you start your project so everything is in the one place. I just love the creativity the software allows!

    • Hi Lorraine, you are very welcome. That’s great you have such a collection of embellishments and frames that you can use alternatively to the Momento ones. Good luck with your digital scrap booking! – Carina

  2. melanie kemper

    Melanie Kemper
    I have not long ago designed my Mother’s life story and included some very old photos going back to the late 1800’s I had a wonderful time tracing some brief history.. I was more than pleased with the results. I used some embellishments from Momento and used some of my own… Thankyou.

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  5. Hi Stephanie – thanks for your query. Please read our “How to create a family history book” blog post at for all the details but the Momento software does not include tools to layout a traditional family tree, but you can create the family tree in other programs and export them to a jpg, tiff or png file to bring into the Momento software. Please find examples and a guide in the other blog post. All the best!

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