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Embellishing Your Story

When it comes to my Momento photo albums, I just can’t resist the urge to decorate! In addition to my own photos I regularly use the free Momento embellishments to enhance my designs. These embellishments include hundreds of designer backgrounds, frames, borders, letters and pictures.

Text And Fonts
One of the simplest ways to embellish your designs is with text. Choosing the right font to complement your book is easy as the Momento software has 20 great fonts installed, including four new contemporary options; Amatic SC, Lobster 1.4, La Belle Aurore and Frederika the Great.

It also supports some fonts that are already on your computer, and you can download free fonts from the web. Beware! Some fonts can’t be used with the software and they will be automatically blocked. You should always check your Preview PDF for font issues before uploading and ordering your book.

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Embellishment Packages
Some embellishments are included in the original software download but most of them are available for separate download via the Updater Panel, highlighted below in yellow. We’ve created ‘themed’ packages with descriptive names so it’s easy to figure out which one you might want to use with your project, like Birthday, Princess and Old Times. Take a look at the complete embellishment selection.


Family Embellishments
One of the best embellishment packs for family or baby photo books are Sugar and Spice and Flower Pop. In the examples below I’ve used both packs to enhance the colours in the photos and create a story outside the photo frame.

On special occasions when everyday fonts just don’t cut it, our text embellishments come to the rescue. They’re graphics rather than fonts and they work in the same way picture embellishments do, such as ‘Happy Birthday’

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Holiday Embellishments
A picture says a thousand words, however the amount of wonderful memories made on a holiday can sometimes be hard to express. By using the embellishments from the Travel and Beach packs, I have illustrated my memories of Greece and its wonderful beaches.

I’ve complemented my Vietnamese cyclist photo with the Travel embellishments. To recreate this look – use the Fade to Edges frame on your photo and finish the page with the patterned strip and coin embellishments.

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Wedding Embellishments
After spending hours personalising your wedding, why not customise your Momento wedding photo book with matching embellishments? By combining coloured backgrounds with decorative frames from the Wedding and Anniversary embellishment packs, I’ve tailor-made the design to reflect the weddings.

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Fun Embellishments
Remember the Loony Tunes, Ginger Meggs or even the first Spider-man comics? With the Momento embellishment Comic Book pack you can recreate these scenes with your own photos, making family and friends the star of the show. These light hearted-embellishments are great for ‘birthday’, ‘farewell’ or ‘congratulations’ cards.

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Customise Your Embellishments
If you want to take your designs to the next level and make them truly unique, there are ways of customising your embellishments. By selecting the embellishment, frame or background you can use the sliders in the Tools Panel to change its colour, saturation and opacity, as shown below with the thongs embellishments from the Beach pack

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Using embellishments is fun and they can add that personal touch to your Momento photo book. If you can’t find an embellishment you like, you can always add one of your own by scanning and saving it as a .jpeg or.png file. You can then add it into your project folder and drag and drop in into your design. For more inspiration head to our website and take a look at our Inspiration pages.


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