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An Historical Journey

This August, Momento dedicated four blog posts to National Family History Month and together we cultivated ‘Family Trees’, documented ‘Living History’, and created  ‘Family History’ photo books. Last week I received this fabulous email from Leonie, a very happy Momento customer, who had just finished her first historical family photo book ‘Kilcunda Coal History’. It is a special story worth sharing.


Printed hardcover

“I thought I would let you and the Momento team know what I have used Momento for. I have created a unique pictorial and text historical account of a place in Victoria that means a lot to our family, my father especially. Forty years ago Dad built a holiday house on the cliffs of Kilcunda in Victoria. This area has a long coal mining history and the area immediately in front of the house was the scene of a bustling coal community with coal mines, tents, a pub – all manner of activity. Dad was in the quarry industry himself and has a keen interest in local history.p1Many years ago Dad came across some old photos of the Kilcunda area – about 4 or 5. They were treasured shots of Kilcunda in those early days and included a lovely photo of 3 women standing on the cliff face in the 1880s. Unfortunately someone “liberated” this album from the house and he was very disappointed to find that something of so little value to others, but of enormous value to him, had been permanently removed from the holiday house by person/s unknown.

p2One day I was early for an appointment, and with a few moments to spare, and my iPhone, I wondered if I could find that photo of the women on Google Images. Well! With a quick search I found a wealth of pictures – including a copy of the magnificent original. Hand drawn and coloured, surveyors maps that I have included in my Momento photo book. I thought this information was too good not to do something with, and decided there and then to create a photo book for him.

p3Well, once I got into it, it became a real labour of love! I loved that I was able to just keep researching expanding my concept to cover more and more of the local history. I collected digital photos and information from every possible source – the State Library, local historical societies, Trove (the state government archival service), ebay (copy of the share script up for auction), the Italian historical society, archival newspapers of the day……

p4Although I gathered all the text information and planned out the book pretty much before I started, as I went along I was able to research more photos (such as local dignitaries, other places and happenings that the text mentioned) and incorporate them to add even more relevancy and interest. I particularly valued the warning notices (in the software) that told me how large the photos could go, I exceeded a few as many were very small thumbnails.

I could go on and on – Momento’s software is easy to use, great selection of background colours that enabled me to visually break up the information into sections, ticks on photos to show me what I had already used etc, etc.

But the biggest compliment I can make is that Momento helped me create something that I know my dad, and the rest of the family now and into the future, will treasure. Momento enabled me to create a truly memorable, personal and unique gift, for which I thank you.

For a first attempt, I’m pretty happy with the result. I’m now filled with ideas for more and more Momentos!” – Leonie Carrington, 2013

Momento would like to thank Leonie for allowing us to share her story. We love to hear about your feedback and see your books. Please head to our Facebook page or email our super friendly customer service team at and let us know about your Momento journey.


  1. Glenda Buck

    You have done a great job in catching the history, For a first attempt, you should be pretty happy with the result. you will be filled with ideas for more and more Momentos!” keep the good work up – Glenda Buck, 2013

  2. Troy Easton

    Hi my family is from Kilcunda and many of my relations worked in the coal mines in wonthaggi and Kilcunda I would love to get in contact with you as I am doing my family tree at the moment

  3. Trevor Allan

    I am doing research on the early Kilcunda Mines and would like to read your book. It is not very clear on the memento blog. Trevor Allan Kilcunda 56787210

  4. Judy Eastwood

    Hi ,I would love to read a copy of your book.
    Richard Davis was my GGG Grandfather.
    So glad you have found all this information.
    Judy Eastwood

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