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Spread Some Christmas Cheer With Custom Cards

Once again the year has flown and we’re starting the countdown to our Christmas frenzy. Christmas is my favourite time of the year and not just because Santa’s on his way. It’s the one time I get all ‘old fashioned’, ditch technology and hand write stacks of cards to the people I care about. As is family tradition I always hand-make my cards, but this year I thought I’d make some photo cards with Momento. If you too like personalising your Christmas cards, here’s are a few tips to get you started.


Pick Your Audience
Custom photo cards are a quick, easy and fun way to send festive wishes to your friends, family, colleagues or clients. Before you begin designing, take a few seconds to consider whom the card is going to. Friends and family love to see snapshots of the kids or beloved pets, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable including a family photo on a Christmas card for business purposes. A team shot or goofy group photo are good for corporate Christmas cards as it can personalise your brand. Make sure you include your logo too.

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Pictures Speak Louder Than Words
Then you need to choose an interesting shot that suits the message of your photo card. For example if you want to wish your friends a ‘Christmas filled with joy,’ choose a photo with big smiles. As to the rest of the design, just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you have to include the same old traditional symbols of bells, snowmen and candy canes – make it more meaningful!  Australia is blessed with a wonderful summer climate, so include ice-cream cones and candy coloured striped t-shirts instead.

The card below is printed on Momento’s creamy textured Art card that really enhances its friendly message.


Tell A Christmas Story
I love receiving cards that tell a story. To make your own, start with a striking photo on the front then add some more photos inside, some bold colour and a Christmas message in your own words. Within the Momento software there are layout templates and free Christmas embellishments you can play with to create your design, so grab a family portrait from 2013 for the cover, turn it black and white using the colour tools, drag-and-drop a Santa hat on to the kids’ heads, and you’ve got some easy festive visuals

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Colour Me Happy!
Traditional Christmas colours that spring to mind are white, green and red, and a touch of gold but you don’t have to use the obvious. Think outside the box. Whenever I design, I love to use colours that complement and enhance my photos. In the family photos below, the subtle blues and pinks have been complemented by cheerful pink text and a blue square. Don’t forget you can make your cards in portrait, square or landscape orientation to match your photos too.


Characters With Character
Text, fonts, graphical letters and word art is another way to add character to your Christmas cards and it’s easier than you think. For my quote I chose three different fonts that reflect the merry mood of my card; La Belle Aurore; Amatic SC; and Lobster 1.4. (These are already installed in the Momento software).

fontsThere are three main things to consider when adding text to a card – balance, emphasis and legibility. With this in mind I began by creating individual text boxes for each word. To keep my image visually balanced I created a grid using the software’s rulers and guides. I then picked out the word that most expressed my wish for them (Joy) and made it bigger, for emphasis. Avoid small font sizes and overly decorative and curvy fonts, as some of your older relies might not be able to read them!

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Priceless But Affordable
Designing your own custom Christmas card also shows your friends and family you really care as you took the time to craft something special for them rather than just making a quick trip to the newsagent for a standard off-the-shelf card.

The free Momento software makes designing your own personalised Christmas cards super easy and affordable, especially at $1.40 each if you order a pack of 50 in Regular size. And every card comes with a stylish heavyweight envelope. Print a few extras in case you receive some mail from a long lost relative too.

Head to for further inspiration, tips and info about our products and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our friendly customer service team on 1300 799 764.

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