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Be Beautifully Organised This Christmas

If you’re as lucky as I am to have a whole hoard of relatives, then you may also feel a sense of relief when you find a one-stop-shop for Christmas. Momento can be just that, with our customisable photo books, Notables, Diaries and Calendars, and our software that lets you design a stocking load of photo stationery gifts in no time at all.


Looking for an affordable Christmas gift that requires minimum effort for maximum effect? With Momento’s software you can whip up a personalised notebook that will make your loved one feel like a superstar just by adding their photo to the cover. They’re a handy A5 size and spiral bound which means they’re perfect for school, meetings, planning or sketching. You simply choose diary, lined or blank pages to fill the inside and suit your purpose.

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This new year make it your resolution to be beautifully organised with a Momento custom diary. Unlike Notables filled with diary pages, when you choose to start a Diary in the software it can be fully customised inside and out. We’ve done the hard work and created the week-per-page design you just need to drop in travel shots, Instagram pics or silly snaps that will keep you amused every day. If you’re an enthusiast photographer insert your best photographs and use it as a mobile portfolio too!

As with our books you can add graphics and backgrounds, and don’t forget to include text to highlight special events, birthdays and appointments too. If you want to be super-organised though, download the Notes embellishment pack to include extra pages in the front or back of your diary for an annual calendar, Addresses and Notes that you can handwrite on to later.


If you want a diary that’s more interesting than your average newsagency or bookstore type, go the extra yard and decorate your diary pages with some of our embellishments, like the fun and fresh Flower Pop graphics we’ve used here. It might be just the lift you need on a slow day!

Now there’s some decisions you need to make! Do you want a Small Diary for your busy bench top, or a larger, Regular Diary for meeting notes and journal entries, and do you want it with a spiral or hardcover?  Our insider tip: If you plan on doing a lot of writing, use a ballpoint pen and choose spiral binding and Regular size for easy reading and writing.

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Why not celebrate life’s special moments every day with a personalised Wall or Desk Calendar filled with meaningful photos and memorable dates. Choose from Wall Calendars in Regular (A4) or Jumbo (A3) size, or opt for a Desk Calendar that keeps you on track and loved ones or dream destinations in sight all day long.MO20021364

Once again we’ve made life simple by pre-designing the monthly grids, in a range of styles to suit different tastes and photo orientations. Have a look through the different design options in the Start menu to see which colour, font and placeholder layout you like the most then drag-and-drop to your heart’s content.

And here’s another BIG tip. Save loads of time by using the File Menu > Import tool to copy dates from last year’s calendar instead of typing them in again. Don’t forget to have some fun too by playing with full bleed photos in the background, filling blank squares with photos, and embellishing special dates with text or headshots to mark the occasion.

At Momento, we practice what we preach, as we’ve made many calendars featuring a different staff member (or their pet) every month. Why not do the same for your colleagues, sports team, flatmates or extended family, and take advantage of volume discounts when you buy more than one.  You’ll enjoy making it and they’ll enjoy the results.

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Treat your loved ones to a meaningful, personally made present this Christmas with a Momento calendar or custom stationery starring all your crew. As a lover of all things creative, a loyal Momento staff member (and the newly appointed Momento Christmas Elf) I can safely say that this year there will be a bevy of Momento goodies in my family’s Christmas stockings. Cheers Reindeers!

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