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Every year Valentine’s Day rolls around and I start to feel awkward. It’s not because I don’t believe in treasuring my loved ones, but because there are so many different kinds of love in my life that I feel like celebrating every day. Before I start to sound like a polygamist, let me explain … I have been blessed with a wonderfully supportive family, a gorgeous fiancée, close friends and many passions including design, cooking and the great outdoors.

This year, instead of celebrating with flowers, cards and chocolates I’ve decided to immortalise the people and things I love most in a personalised premium Momento photo book. Now, I must admit that this isn’t ‘original thought’ and there are quite a few other people out there who have had the same idea. To inspire us all, here’s some wonderful examples of ‘Books Of Love’ created by some very clever Momento customers.

Amanda Barnes – ‘ A Crazy Little Thing Called Love’, 2013

crazy-1In my opinion, when you love someone you want to do absolutely everything with them and this book’s a reflection of a gorgeous loved-up couple and their lives together. Amanda designed this book with her Instagram photos and used the grid template within the Momento software. She purposefully left blank spaces within the square grids to hand write special notes about her memories.

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Sally Bullock – ‘Papa, do you know … By Elias P. Mills’, 2013


Sometimes we forget that love comes in all shapes and sizes, and this cute little book is brimming full of family love. The simple layout and small manageable square size is perfect for story times, and one day Elias will be able to read this special little book back to his dad.

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Erin Jennings – ‘Roerasaurus- a beautiful eternal love story’, 2011


This original fully illustrated book from Erin to her partner is a wonderful example of how you can combine drawings and photos to create a story book. In the story Erinasaurus reflects on how much she loves Roerasaurus and finds him a piece of the moon. Sometimes words by themselves can’t explain love but in this instance a picture seems to have painted a thousand words!

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Manal Akouri – ‘A book of loving adventures’, 2012


‘Your journey is unfolding just as it should be.’ Travel is a wonderful privilege and sharing that journey with the one you love makes it even more special. This books takes us on a pictorial adventure with Manal and her partner, celebrating their time traveling together and expressing their feelings for each other.

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It’s important to let those you love know they’re appreciated and what better way to do this than with a Momento photo book you’ve created just for them that proves your love in words and pictures and cherishes your mutual memories.

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