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How to become a Momento software power-user

Geoff Hunt, our Managing Director, is the man who came up with the concept of Momento’s photo book layout software, while our Technical Director, James Whitwell, is the guy responsible for writing the code and making it all happen. This is the dream team that keeps adding more tools and functionality to the software, and in this blog post they share their top tips and shortcuts so you can get the most out of it in the shortest amount of time.  Read on to be enlightened.

Close Ups – Full Screen Editing

There are times when you’re doing some finer editing and you just need every last pixel of the screen to display your layout. Can this be done in Momento? You bet!

Any time you’re in Layout view, just press the Tab key on your keyboard and all the panels will vanish allowing you to edit your page using the entire screen. Press Tab or Esc to return to the normal view.

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Need More Space? – Hide The Left & Right Panels

If you want more screen space but don’t want to loose the pages panel at the bottom of the screen, you can always hide either or both of the left and right panels. Let’s say you’ve finished adding all the photos and frames and backgrounds to your layouts and you just want to finesse the final design. Click on the little arrows in the top bar along side the panel tabs. This is especially handy when editing landscape shaped books.

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Overriding Replace Mode

By default, if you drag and drop one photo onto another, the dragged photo will replace the existing one but keep the same position, size and framing. This behaviour is controlled by the Replace Mode setting in the Edit menu (Comm+R/Ctrl+R), and it applies to dragging new photos to the page or dragging photos already on the page.

Sometimes you may want to drag a photo over another without replacing the original. This can be done by pressing and holding the Alt key while you drag the photo – it temporarily reverses the Replace Mode setting. Similarly, if you work with Replace Mode turned off, then pressing and holding the Alt key before you drag will temporarily turn replace mode on.



Do you spend a lot of time dragging frames? Here are a few features that will help you. As a general design rule we advise that you keep the number of different frames to a minimum throughout your book; not only does it create some consistency through your pages, it also allows the reader to focus more on your photos rather than the framing.

Once you’ve chosen the frame that you plan to use the most, select it in the Frames panel and then click on “Set as Default” in the Frames panel menu at the top-right of the panel  From now on, every photo you add to the page will be framed this way. If you add different frames throughout your book, you can re-apply the most recently used frame to the selected photo by pressing Comm+J/Ctrl+J.

tip-4aOr if you get to the end of your project and you want to change every frame in your book, you can select the new frame in the Frames panel and click on “Apply to all photos in all layouts” in the Frames panel menu.


Hide Used Photos

If you’re like me, you’ll often add and remove photos to your pages several times before you’ve settled on the final combination for a particular page. Problem is that you can often forget which ones you’ve taken off the pages and you might get to the end of your book having forgotten to include one. A handy tip is to enable “Hide used photos” in the Photos panel menu (that little button at the top-right of some panels. Every time you add a photo to a page, it will vanish from the photos panel, and if you delete a photo from your book, it will reappear in the panel.

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Text Styles

This is a much under-used feature that will really assist you if you plan to use a lot of text in your project. I usually find that the font and size for my text can’t be decided at the beginning of the project – it really will depend on how your page designs evolve.

If you’ve entered all your headings, paragraphs and captions and then you decide to change all the font face or text size, it is a very tedious task to go through every page and change them individually. The solution is simple. We provide text “styles” for these 3 main types of text: headings, text body (paragraphs) and photo captions. When you start adding text to your pages (Comm/Ctrl+P), make sure you select the suitable style in the text edit window, then set the actual font settings in the Set Styles window. When you change the font settings in the Set Styles window, every item of text in your book that uses that style will also change. You can of course break out and use more than three font styles by setting the font in the text edit window to a “Custom” font rather than using the Styles selection.

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Black & White Tone

If you use the Black & White preset in the tools panel to convert your photos to grey scale, make sure you then also play with the Hue slider (leave the Saturation slider at the very left). This will allow you to really change the style of the Black & White effect to bring out different elements of your photo.


Open Project As A Template

Have you ever created a killer project and then wanted to recreate it for another project without having to go through all the layout steps? Easy! In the file menu, select “Open project as template” and select the project that you want to re-use.


“Open Project As Template”

It will open a copy of the project with all the previous photos removed but with all the rest of the design and styles still in tact. Now just start dropping your new photos into the placeholders and adjusting the text to suit.


Drop your new photos into the blank placeholders in the template


“Save Project As Template”

Remember that you can save any individual page as a template for re-use by using “Save Layout as Template” in the file menu. Saved templates will appear in the Layouts > Templates panel for projects of the same shape. You can display only your saved templates by selecting “Saved” in the view menu in the Templates panel.

Rulers and Guides

Did you know that the Momento software has universal guides? Adding guides to your project will allow you to create some consistency across all your page designs. First turn on Rulers via the Edit menu or Comm/Ctrl+’ and then click in the rulers and drag onto the page, releasing the mouse button where you want the guide.

The benefit of the guides in Momento is that they are maintained across all pages (not the cover though) and dragging photos will snap to the guides so that you know your pages will have the same position in all layouts. To toggle the guides on and off so you can view your layout without them, press Comm+; / Ctrl+;

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Snap All

We’re often asked about this handy button in the tools panel because it often appears to have no effect on your layout. What does it do? It looks at your page design and identifies any photo edges that are within 2mm of each other and tidies them up by snapping them into exact alignment. Please note that if there aren’t any photos close enough to each other, then it won’t work. The shortcut is Comm+T/Ctrl+T.

Aligning Elements On The Page With The Keyboard Number Pad

Do you use a full keyboard – the kind that has the number pad at the right end? Then you might find these shortcuts handy. Pressing the numbers on the key pad while holding the Comm/Ctrl key will align element (photos, text and embellishments) to each other, and doing so while holding the Alt key will align them to the Safe Area of the page.

Obviously, the position of the key indicates the direction of the alignment. For example, if you select 2 photos and press Comm/Ctrl and 4 on the number pad then those photos will align to their left edges. Similarly, if you select a photo and press Alt and the 8 key on the number pad, then that photo will align to the top edge of the Safe Area.

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Cache Size

If you’re you working on a particularly large project and you find your photos are having to reload in Layout view often, then try increasing the cache size in the Preferences window (Momento menu for Mac and File menu for Windows). The cache is where Momento stores screen resolution versions of your photos so that it can work faster. As long as you have a few gigabytes of free hard disc space, set the cache to a maximum size of 4095. If at any time you wish to reclaim that disc space, just reduce the number again, or click the Clear Cache button.


If you are looking for some more Momento  How-To information, please head to our blog The Inside Story – Our Top 10 Momento Software Tips. We are always busily working on a new Momento Online Video Tutorials, so make sure you check it regularly – it may have just the answer you’re looking for! If you have any feedback or questions please get in touch with our Customer Service team.

THANK YOU for your photos Cindy Power.


    • Hi Helen, If you install the free embellishment pack titled Notes backgrounds (Standard Backgrounds 2) you can find the lines. If you don’t like the little headings, drop a white background box over the heading to cover it up or alternatively move the lines up so the heading goes over the edge of the page. Good luck and don’t forget that you can call our customer service team if you have any questions. Kind regards, Carina

  1. Deidre Cassidy

    How have I missed these ‘musings’? I’m loving reading these, it’s good to know after more than 15 books with momento I still have a lot to learn.

  2. Kathryn Brown

    I didn’t know these ‘musings’ existed and only found you on instagram yesterday! I have 31 momento books sitting on my coffee table plus another 5 or so I have done for others and I still have a lot to learn. Wow! Thanks Momento Team.

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