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A peek behind-the-scenes

While our fabulous tech team are responsible for making it easy to design stylish photo products in the Momento software, after the layout and ordering is done, it’s over to our experienced printers, bookbinders and quality assurance crew to craft your photo books with love and care. Sadly you don’t get to see this amazing team in action so I thought an introduction was in order, so without further ado meet …

Jaron – Momento Indigo Print Operator

Jaron has ink running through his veins, or so he says. When I asked him to elaborate on this strange claim he said it’s because he was born into a family of printers. He was literally born to print “… I just love everything about printing. If I wasn’t a printer I’d dream of being one!”

His extensive experience allows him to set up the Indigo printing press for optimum performance and identify problems in print quality as they happen, so we can deliver high quality photo book prints every time. This is a tall order considering he can sometimes print hundreds of books and products in a day.

His favourite things about being a printer are, “the tricky technical challenges that are hard to fix, and the fact you can take a blank sheet of paper and turn it in to a beautiful finished product. That’s pretty cool!”

Jaron believes photo books are important because, “they’re a physical way of looking at your memories. So many things these days are done on computers and tablets but to hold a handmade book, flip through the pages and watch people smile as they see themselves in it is pretty awesome. I saw it first hand when I made my sister her wedding book. The joy on her face was something no amount of money could buy.”

Diana – Production Manager

Diana is the newest addition to our Momento family – but this doesn’t mean she’s green! She has spent her whole career in the print industry working with specialists in magazine, book and newspaper publishing, as well as advertising.  This experience helps her keep up with new print technologies, to know what a good result looks like, and how to achieve it. “I’ve seen a lot of improvements around speed, efficiency, and accuracy but right now I’m excited about digital print and all its possibilities.”

As Momento’s Production Manager, Diana guides a team of quality assurance experts who preview hundreds and hundreds of printed pages every day.  “They turn every page by hand, visually scanning it’s entirety from front to back, to check for any errors or imperfections such as a print mark or colour inconsistency. Failed pages are removed and replacement prints are ordered. We then check the reprints before inserting the page or pages back in to the book, so that every page in your book is perfect before it goes to the bindery.”

As a mum herself, Diana appreciates photo books because, “they preserve important family memories. Today we store photos on hard drives and don’t look at them very often, so photo books make them more accessible and so much more inviting.”

Marty – Bindery Manager

Marty married in to the book binding business and has been practicing his art for 17 years. “I love using my hands to make a ‘real’ product. It’s one of those rare professions where you don’t have to sit at a desk and look at a computer.” For these reasons (along with many others) Marty loves his job.

Unlike photo books made on automated production lines, Marty and his team handcraft each and every book and box you order. The books are stitched by our magical stitching machine (or by hand if they’re really thick) then they move through the bindery to have their end pages, cover material and embossing carefully added. “I love the whole experience of making a book and seeing photos of faraway places on the pages. I feel like I’ve travelled extensively without even leaving the building.”

Marty wants you to know that Momento’s photobooks are, “fair-dinkum quality and we make them to be everlasting,” he also thinks you should choose the bright and bold Azure Linen cover material, because it’s his favourite.

Eddy Quinnell – Wide Format Print Operator

They say you should never judge a book by its cover … that is unless you’re a Wide Format Print Operator like Eddy who prints hundreds of covers and dust-jackets every day, and he needs to be professionally judgmental about their quality.

Eddy is also responsible for laminating your printed covers to make them extra durable. This requires him to keep the print room squeaky clean so that no dust or dirt gets stuck under the cover! Not only is he very tidy but I often see Eddy carefully carrying dust-jackets, making a special effort not to crease or dent them before handing them to dispatch. He thinks it’s essential to treat the prints like this as, “it’s this level of care that Momento prides itself on, and guarantees a satisfied customer.”

Eddy is well and truly a photo book expert and part of the Momento family, having been with us for almost 6 years! So it’s not surprising that while he loves taking photos on his mobile and using Instagram, he also appreciates printing his photos in a book so he, “can then show them and share them with family and friends.”

Aya – Quality Assurance Manager

Aya is our queen of quality, and is officially known as Quality Assurance Manager.  She has 6 years of experience in our production team, and is now responsible for defining and maintaining our premium quality processes.

On any day she can be found dropping in to each department to check on print issues, page collation, binding quality, spine alignment, wastage and spares. She also trains new staff, showing them how to track the progress of every order by scanning the bar code on the last page of every book, card or cover. This brings up the order details in our database, allowing them to pass or fail the item, and to make notes about any production issues or fixes as they occur.

Aesthetic perfection is important to Momento so if something isn’t up to our standards, Aya works with the to team to resolve the issue and make sure everything’s 100% perfect before the order leaves our doors. She believes, “it is important to check every product again before it’s sent out – so we always have a happy customer.”

When Aya is not working hard for Momento she loves gardening and hangs out with her cat Tora, who is also the subject of many of her photos, and photo books.

Peter – Dispatch

The final link in the chain is Peter from our dispatch department. His job is critical as he ensures all products are well packaged, to keep them safe on their way to your door. “Transit can be rough, so it’s essential we pack the orders carefully and use sturdy boxes.  I can assure you that your orders are well protected, as we’ve spent years adapting our packaging to make it even stronger.”

It’s Peter’s job to fit dust-jackets to their books, to wrap all products in protective paper, to match all items in an order, then pack them all for shipment. You’ve probably received an email from him at some stage too as he triggers the database to send you an automated message confirming your order is on its way, including a tracking number so you can monitor its progress.

Peter is also a member of a camera club so he’s particularly passionate about photo books. “I like working for a company that has high standards, and lucky for me, I work at Momento because I have lots of photos to print.  I sometimes do standard photo prints but I also print photo books because you can add text that tells the stories behind the images.”

These are just a few of the wonderful people behind-the-scenes at Momento, but you can meet some more in the video of our production facility above. We hope you can feel the TLC they pour in to every order, and we look forward to introducing you to the staff in our customer service, marketing and technical teams over the coming months.

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