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At Momento we strive to produce the best quality personalised photo books so you can safely preserve your memories. Every member of our team prides themselves on providing superior service, so when we hear back from you about your experience with Momento, it absolutely makes our day.

Some customers write a message on our Facebook wall, some email, and some give us a call. We’ve got a pinboard in the kitchen filled with lovely thank you cards and certificates of appreciation so all the staff can see what you think of their work. It appears that many of you spread your love for Momento too, by introducing the software or products to family and friends.

A shot of the pin board in our kitchen where we post all our beautiful written testimonials from very happy customers. It's always fun reading the latest installment!

A shot of the pin board in our kitchen where we post all our beautiful written testimonials from very happy customers. It’s always fun reading the latest installment!

Most recently we’ve received some fabulous video testimonials, created by customers, that we think are so great we want to share them with you.

The technically talented Jeff Marshall – Momento customer since 2008

Woohoooo!!! My books, calendars and notebooks arrived. Another awesome job Momento!! Pass on my thanks to everyone. One very happy customer here.” – Jeff, December 2013


The gracious Karen Grabau – Momento customer since 2008

“Dear Momento Team,

I could not be more delighted with the magnificent quality of my book ‘Peter’s Book of Love’ that I recently completed and have had delivered.

I have created many books for loved ones in our family over the years and have always been overjoyed with the quality of your workmanship and by the reaction that comes from receiving a book that holds such treasured memories. I am sure that this book will bring much joy to my husband who is about to celebrate his 60th birthday and retirement and I can hardly wait until the end of this month so that I can finally give it to him.

It must be lovely to know that you are bringing such joy to so many and I for one
are very grateful that I found you.” – Karen, February 2014.


The generous Jodi D’Arcy- Momento customer since 2005

“I can’t thank you enough for your words of encouragement and your sponsorship of this project. It is so exciting to finally have enough signatures to show the Vietnamese and Chinese governments in order to encourage them to help us to save the rhinos.

This also wouldn’t be possible without your support. Not only do you create fabulous photo books of great quality, but to know that you are willing to help out with this cause is truly remarkable.

I want to send a big fat thank you to you and your team. I will most certainly keep you updated with any progress and will be sure to post glowing reviews on our web site and social media sites.

Thank you so much again and I very much look forward to positive news out of Asia to report back soon.” – Jodi, Save Mona, March 2014


Thank you Jeff, Karen and Jodi for your kind words, they are appreciated.

And to all our customers, we genuinely value your feedback so please let us know what you think about your Momento experience by emailing, calling us, or writing a review on our Facebook wall. If you’re super keen and would like to express your feelings about Momento in a video testimonial just contact Carina at and she’ll tell you how easy it is.

We’d look forward to hearing what you think!



  1. Heather Connor

    Have been a satisfied Momento customer for some years now, as are many of my friends. Every time I do a new book, I feel the need of a series of arrows in various styles as embellishments. (I know there are a few in some of the embellishments, but not enough). Some mathematical shapes would be appreciated too. How about it? Shouldn’t be too hard. Thanks.

    • Hi Heather, Thanks for your support as a loyal customer. I’ll ask our team about adding in some mathematical and geometric shapes including some arrows. Remember, you can always use images from other places by saving them as .jpegs and then choosing the folder like you would with a photo folder. The software will read the .jpeg images like photos and then you can play with them in your book designs. If you have any questions please give our Customer Support team a call on 1300799764 and they can talk you through this. Good luck!

  2. Keith Tisbury

    I have been a Very satisfied customer since 2005 when I first sent you my first photo book, I have now collected a total of 14 photo books & would recommend Momento to all & Sundry, there work is by far more superior than other photo books on the market, once again Thank you to all your staff for their great work.
    Keith Tisbury

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