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Recipe books made with love

It’s tradition in my family to pass recipes from mother to daughter, and it’s our treasured folder of handwritten recipes that whisper generations of culinary secrets. I cherish them because they’re full of flavour, character, and family history, so before they fall apart from overuse and kitchen fingers, it’s time for me to preserve them in a Momento recipe book.

Designing your own cookbook may sound complicated but it’s quite simple with our new recipe embellishment packs and extra powerful Quickbooks, that are ready for you to click and type in details and drop in photos. If you’d rather start from scratch or you’d like a little inspiration before embarking on your own project, here’s something we prepared earlier … with a little help from our customers of course!

Mumma’s Recipes by Elysse Morgan
Just like an album filled with photos, a collection of recipes can give us a snapshot in to someone’s life – what food they liked, what kind of parties they hosted, whether they were a cheese or chocolate freak!  In this inspirational book Elysse has combined both, and her mum’s personality shines through on every page. Elysse scanned handwritten recipes then added photos from her life, but the icing on the cake is the inclusion of images of her mum’s favourite aprons. What a wonderful celebration of her life.

Tea in China by Elissa Dowler
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis once said that, “friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life,” and Elissa has demonstrated this beautifully with her Tea in China book. It contains a wonderful assortment of recipes from each member in her Mothers’ Group, paired with a full page photo of their child.  The addition of personal photos has turned this from just a cookbook into a precious keepsake that speaks of love and support for others. My personal favourite is Danielle’s Play-dough!

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Healthy & Delicious – a collection of my favourite recipes by Chloe Jackson
Chloe shows us all how to create a visual feast with her professional looking book design. She has experimented with photography by shooting her dishes from different angles, and had fun with food styling, including elements such as chalk and blackboards to create her own text style. Feeling inspired? Why not shoot your dish from a bird’s eye perspective or create interesting patterns and shapes with the food itself. The sky’s the limit!

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FOOD we LOVE by Georgia Martin
Cooking for a family is as much about the love that goes in to preparing a meal, as the nutritional value of that meal, and this next book is another example of something ‘made with love’. It was created by family and friends for mum-to-be Melissa, and it mixes their favourite recipes together with baby photos, bright backgrounds, short stories and words of advice. Every element gives us insight into Melissa’s life and how much she is loved, and we imagine baby Coco now enjoys reading it as much as her mum.

Savour Sicily by Joanne Gerace
What better way to document a holiday in Italy than by the food? Savour Sicily combines contemporary design elements and tantalising photos of food and landscapes to create a recipe book journal of the tour group through the Sicilian countryside. Included were bold display fonts over coloured backgrounds, full page photos and recipe annotations to create a page turning, lip-smacking record of their food safari holiday.

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Recipes for Rebecca by Deidre Cassidy
Deidre created this heartfelt recipe book for her daughter Rebecca, and presented it to her during her High Tea Bridal Shower. It’s filled with recipes from all the special women who watched her grow up to the moment of becoming a bride. Each contributors shares a special memory of Rebecca’s life along with a dish, that we hope Rebecca (and her husband) recreates many times throughout their married life. The perfect gift!

If you’re not hungry by now, we hope you at least feel inspired to preserve your signature dishes in the pages of your own recipe book. So get cooking and start snapping! We’ve made sure our Momento recipe books will last by laminating the cover, and offering a gloss paper so you can wipe them over for safe keeping.  If you decide the whole family needs a copy, check out our volume discounts, and our special offer that runs until 5 May. Don’t forget to enter our Mother’s Day competition to win a double pass to our ‘A Piece of Cake’ food styling and photography workshop with Penelope Beveridge on 12 June 2014, or buy your ticket!



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