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Christmas Cards With A Twist

Keep things down to earth this year and give your Christmas cards a unique twist by making them yourself with your own photos and words. Momento’s software makes the design process super easy, and our greeting card prices are competitive with shop bought options, so here’s some great examples from our customers to get you in the mood.

Christmas Cards

Feature your family

It seems only right that everyone should personalise their 2014 Christmas card with a selfie but if that’s not your style grab your best family group shot and some individual portraits from the year so relatives can see how the kids have grown – just like Dawn has with her grid-style design. Or maybe have some fun with a festive photo shoot. Get the kids to dress in appropriate colours then lay on the floor with their heads together, and capture the moment from an aerial perspective.

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Illustrate your creativity

If you love to sketch or paint, showcase your art on Christmas card like Judy Hubbard did with her Silver Princess eucalyptus watercolour. She scanned the image to add to the cover of her Regular size greeting card, creating a truly authentic Australian greeting.  Another do-it-yourself option is to get your budding Picasso to draw a family portrait, Christmas tree or Santa scene. Abby, Jess and Neve collaborated on a stick-figure portrait their mum digitised to star on their custom card made with love especially for their dad.

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Show off your photographic art

Why not do something more with all those Instagram photos languishing on your mobile or showcase some images you’re really proud of? Lisa turned the bunting she’d shot during her photo-a-day challenge into ‘art’ by printing it on her gift tags, while Sarah made a close up of a local beach scene the focus of her annual mailout. Experiment with your camera and try to find a new perspective on objects around your home and you might find just the image for your Christmas card – like Kate who captured the red berries in her garden with her new macro lens then used the Fill Page tool to make it the cover shot.

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Corporate Christmas cards

Cards are a practical way for businesses to thank suppliers, clients and staff but they rarely reflect or enhance one’s brand.  Here’s some exceptions. The team from Marian Grove Nursery cleverly showcased one of their products adorned in festive glory, while Auction Works decorated their tool-of-trade with a wreath. On the cultural front, Sydney Youth Orchestras turned their logo into a star atop a stylised Christmas tree in the same pallette as their corporate colours, and Business Events Tasmania took the simple but sophisticated approach by featuring a professionally shot photo of staff on the cover.

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Handmade and heartfelt greetings

Whatever approach you take with your DIY Christmas card you can order just one or a pack of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200. All come with a premium envelope ready to pop in the post or attach to a Christmas present, and Small size cards make perfect gift tags. Choose Art stock for a classic finish or Matte for a contemporary feel. We guarantee that all the recipients will love the fact they’re designed by you and they’ll look great on display.

corp-cardsTake advantage of 25% off Christmas Cards for packs of 20 or more before 5 Nov 2014.


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