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Design a printed clamshell box

LOVE Cover Box + Book Momento’s clamshell boxes are heavyweight hinged boxes that can be covered in any of our linen, leather or patterned materials, or you can design your own printed cover with photos and text using Momento’s software. Follow these steps to layout the front and back of a cover that we use to print the cover of your book, dust-jacket or clamshell.

Step 1: Design the front cover

  • Go to Layout View
  • Click the Front Cover thumbnail at bottom left of screen
  • Drag a photo from the Photo Panel on the left of screen on to the blank page

Photo Panel Cover

Step 2:  Enlarge the photo to fill the cover

  • Click the Fill Page button in the Tools Panel or
  • Use the Layout Menu > Size To > Fill Page option

Cover Fill Page

Step 3: Add a title or text

  • Click the Add Text button at the top right of the screen. Please note that spine text is not available on printed clamshell boxes.

Add Text Button

Step 4: Set the cover background colour

  • Click Background button top right
  • Select your preferred colour from the palette

Front Cover Bgd Colour 2

Step 5: Design the back cover

  • Click the Back Cover thumbnail at bottom left of the screen
  • Drag on photos from the Photo Panel to the blank page
  • Add text and frames as desired
  • Please note: the extra panel on the left of the screen is for dust-jackets only

Back Cover For Boxes

Step 6:  Finish your cover design

  • Click the Preview button at the top of the screen
  • Review and ensure the alignment, text and design is correct
  • Click the Finish tab
  • Respond to any warnings and enter a Title
  • Click the Export button
  • The software will generate a PDF Preview and Master Book File
  • Preview your PDF to ensure there are no errors
  • Upload your Master Book File to

Box Cover Preview

Step 7: To order a clamshell box with your photo book

  • Login at
  • Click on the My Projects tab
  • Find your project in the list and click the Order button
  • Select Matching Clamshell Box option at the bottom of the order form
  • The form will automatically select the best box depth for your book

My Projects Order ButtonOrder Box with BookOR

To order a clamshell box without a photo book

  • Login at
  • Click on the Boxes tab
  • Click on the Clamshell Box tab
  • Choose your preferred quantity, size, orientation and box depth (20mm or 36mm H)
  • Choose the appropriate cover from the Printed Hardcover icons
  • Please note: You can add embossing to non-Printed covers
  • Click the Add To Cart button

Order Box only

Voila! You have now created and ordered a personalised photo printed box to preserve your photo book for future enjoyment.

I Love You Book Box

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