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Handmade and heartfelt Christmas gifts

Family Christmas PackThis Christmas give a gift that nobody else can – a photo book designed with love by you. Flick through some creative examples below, including a touching farewell memento, an Instagram yearbook, a cute alphabet reader and a blog-turned-printed book.

From blog to book – view flipbook

USA Travel BlogI love the creativity of our customers! Michael and his wife made an epic trek through the US and each day they published their adventures in a blog. The blog didn’t die at the end of the trip, instead, they converted it into a premium photo book with all the images, text, dates and comments from online. Any intrepid travellers in your family who’d love their blog preserved in print? If so, use the original photo files rather than the digital images from the blog as they may have been downsized for online viewing.

Instagram yearbook – view flipbook

instagram YearbookDon’t let your Instagram pics languish unseen on the phone, transfer them to your computer* and print them in a book you can make in minutes by choosing our Auto-fill Grid Layout with 9 to 9 photos per page. That’s what Lara did with her Instagram library. She chose a landscape book but it seems only right you should opt for the iconic square format for yours. Surprise a friend with a small size book featuring one-photo-per-page of your selfies! * Watch out for our blog on how to manage photos in early 2015.

Momento software’s auto-fill grid layout  option

Choose your folder of photos then in Advanced Options insert the minimum and maximum number of photos you’d like on each page before selecting the Grid option.Auto Fill Grid Layout


Family holiday album – view flipbook

Family Travel Big Trip BookThis family holiday around Australia looked like so much fun I wanted to be there! Firstly, we commend Bess on heading off for 12 weeks across 6 states in a campervan with hubby, 3 kids and one big tent. Secondly we congratulate you on shooting well-composed photographs that beautifully illustrate your adventure. Lastly, nice work with the clean layouts created from auto layouts and manual design.  Albums like this will become priceless keepsakes for you and the kids.

Farewell memento – view flipbook

Corp-01The end of the year often involves resignations from staff or farewells for friends on the move. What better way to say goodbye and good luck than in a book of memories lovingly designed by you. This book created by Ceril’s colleagues is filled with images that commemorate her achievements alongside social photos and personal messages from the team. Such a souvenir deserves to be printed on in grand size, on lay-flat paper and preserved in a handsome gift box.

Alphabet book – view flipbook

Harrys Alphabet BookImagine giving someone the gift of language? You can with a personalised ABC book filled with photos of familiar objects and faces that inspire faster learning through image association. Rebecca made this cute alphabet book for her second son after his big brother proved the first edition was a winner. The design was easy as she simply mixed Momento’s ‘My ABC’ embellishment pack with photos that filled the page. Meaningful and educational!


Creative scrapbook – view flipbook

Creative ScrapbookThis book is an oldie but a goodie as we still believe annual art collections are the best photo book gift you can give to your kids. They record their creativity and offer parents a guilt-free way to get rid off paintings, sketches and drawings that pile up during the year. Just scan or photograph each artwork then lay them out one per single or double page. Find scanning and image optimisation tips here and consider buying a box to go with it so you can start storing art for next year.


A special request

Sam With BookPlease take a photo of the moment you hand over your photo book gift then share it on our Facebook page – we love that!

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