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Every dad is a hero

I have a hero. He’s not your run of the mill Superman type of hero, but he is a super man because he’s been there for me every single day, watching out for me since the day I was born. You guessed it, my hero is my Dad.

Each year Father’s Day rolls around and I see so many wonderful dad inspired books and cards come through our production facility at Momento celebrating a Dad’s first Father’s Day to a Grandfather’s family legacy. Throughout all these designs there seems to be one common message ‘Dad, you’re a hero to your children’. Here are some of my favourites, hopefully they will inspire you too.

If you’re running short on time, or would like something to complement  your photo book, show Dad just how super he is this Father’s Day with a personalised card. Cards are quick to make and you can choose from nine different sizes and orientations. Simply add a photo to the front and a special message on the inside. For a bit of fun, we’ve whipped up two different designs with a Dad’s first Father’s Day in mind.


© Sanson Photography


© Cindy Power

Father: A daughter’s first love, by Chloe Faulkner
A touching story in mostly black and white scanned photos showing the bond between father and daughter from the beginning of her life to the end of his. Chloe has created balanced chronological layouts, featuring one or two photos per page and included pages just for text.


daughter's-love-1 daughter's-love-2 daughter's-love-3 daughter's-love-4 daughter's-love-5
Dad’s Story: The life of Peter Francis McCarthy by Anne McPhee

This detailed book documents Peter’s life and includes his childhood memories, scanned artefacts, black and white photos, colour film photos, family trees along with recent digital photos of ‘Great Grand Pa Pa’ and his growing family. Francis has dedicated pages solely to text complemented by pages with photos, scanned documents and paraphernalia with captions to really illustrate the story.


Dad's-Story-3 Dad's-Story-4 Untitled-5Dad's-Story-2Untitled-6Monsieur Daddy’s Adventure by Gail Turnham.
Written for Sarah and James’s by their grandparents, this creative children’s story was designed to help their grand kids follow their Dad’s adventures through Europe. Gail has combined maps, nursery rhymes, poems, questions, photos from her trip to Europe and embellishments to create an interactive story for her grandchildren. A very special book that I’m sure will be a bedtime favourite for years to come.


monsieur-daddy-1 monsieur-daddy-2 monsieur-daddy-3 monsieur-daddy-4 monsieur-daddy-5Make your dad feel invincible this Father’s Day with a personally made greeting card or photo book that proves he’s amazing. Tell him how much he means with words and pictures. Don’t forget to honour granddads, uncles and big brother figures too!

If you’re looking for some more inspiration, check out our Fab Father Books blog post.

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  1. Hi Heather Thanks so much….will forward to my darling brother, who hopefully will listen?! Indeed, lovely to see you both on the weekend……keep stalking! Lots of love

    Deb xx💐


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