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We’re continually amazed by the creativity of our customers and you’ll see why in this blog post that’s all about storytelling. There’s an hilarious book about Sophie the sook, a tale of two toddlers, drawings for dad, nursery rhymes for Zahlia, and a stunning high school creative writing project. Each book has a distinct purpose – to teach, to entertain, to show love for another, and in the case of Sophie’s book, it was possibly a coping mechanism!


Stories For Dad
by Jasmine + Amber Sampson

This book is also the winner of our August Book Of The Month competition. It’s a collaboration between two sisters, 5 ¾ year old Jasmine and 4 year old Amber. They cleverly scanned their drawings and combined them with backgrounds from our New Year, Fairy Dust and Storms Of Colour embellishment packs, and added Transitions frames.









What We Do at Grandma’s
by Lois Jacobson

This is another Book Of The Month winner put together by a Nana who obviously adores all her granddaughters.  Lois took snapshots from throughout the year and turned them into a sweet photo story.  Her use of large text in a handwritten font makes the words legible and keeps it in theme with the fun, child-friendly design.









Zahlia’s Nursery Rhymes
by Rachael Reilly

Keep it simple is the key to this book! By matching photos with her daughters favourite songs, poems and nursery rhymes, Rachael made the design process efficient and created a book that is meaningful and will help Zahlia to learn her letters and words.  She has carefully chosen white or black text to contrast against the coloured backgrounds, and used a large font size for easy reading.









Riley’s Drawing Storybook
by Jo Cox

Riley is obviously a budding artist with a vivid imagination, and his mum Jo has helped develop his creativity by adding in the story text and publishing his work as a hardcover book. A truly unique and meaningful present for his dad. If you’d like to do the same, check out our scanning tips and keep your design to one drawing per page.










Jasper’s Climb
by Zoe Goldberg

We’d go so far as to call this project a masterpiece, especially when you realise it was created by a Year 9 student for a school project. We admire the effort it took to put this together, as it involved drawing, collage, scanning, layout and creative writing, with a clear moral to the story. Congrats Zoe, we think you should get full marks for this!








What’s The Matter Sophie?
by Amber Sargent

Mums everywhere … you should treat yourself to a flick through this hilarious little book, to feel like you are not alone in a world of daily tantrums. This storybook proves that you can transform negative situations into a positive by photographing the moment and laughing at it.  You’re a champion Amber, and we hope Sophie is having a good day today!










So, we hope you’re been inspired by our storybook selection, created by customers aged 4 through to 74.  Bare in mind that although Momento is a ‘photo book’ company, your book doesn’t have to include or focus on photographs. We print and bind premium hardcover books and your projects can include whatever you want to tell your story … artwork, drawings, poetry and scanned images. There’s one trick though! If you create your own storybook, we’d love you to share it with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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