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Homebaked Christmas Cards

Header-CardsChristmas is the time of year to reflect on all the good things that have happened in the last 12 months and to consider what’s really important in life.  It’s also time to enjoy family and friends and let the people you care about know how much they mean. We think Christmas Cards designed by you, with your photos and words, are a simple but meaningful way to express your love, and here’s some fab examples from our customers.

Creme-CardChristmas Recipe Cards
by Sarah Tuck

We love Sarah’s tasty twist on the annual greeting card. By using a photo of her favourite Christmas dessert on the front and the recipe text on the inside, you could say she’s created some a seriously seasoned greeting in the form of a Christmas Recipe Card.


Geri CoverLuxe Christmas Embellishments
by Geri Farr
Don’t forget we’ve got some stylish and contemporary graphics in our Luxe Christmas embellishments pack that you can combine with your photographs in seconds. Here’s a card by staff member Geri, using the Reindeer graphic and a photo from her garden.


Rudolf-CardCracker Kid’s Drawings
by Lucy and Ali Lidbetter
Mum and dad needn’t do all the work on the annual mail out, commission the kids to paint or draw a Christmas artwork that all the relies will enjoy.  Just don’t forget to get them to sign it in case it becomes a masterpiece in the future.


Dwyer-CardWhen Imagination Flies
by Amanda Dwyer
Amanda’s kids get the prize for creative Christmas cards with their hand prints turned Christmas tree, reindeer and Santa. They also made clever use of one of the backgrounds from our Watercolour Recipe: Tutti Fruitti embellishment pack. Tis jolly good!


Dog-CardFeature Your Pets
by Nadia Taylor
And here’s the natural choice for cat and dog lovers!  Simply grab a snap of your fur kids and let them be the bearers of your annual message by dropping it into one of our Luxe Christmas Quickcards with a full bleed image on the front.


Hunt-CardSimple And Stylish
by Mark and Elka Hunt
If you’d prefer not to offend your real kids, take a moment to find the best family photo from 2015 or to find an uncluttered and scenic backdrop around your home for a portrait shot. Who wouldn’t want to receive a card with these two cuties smiling at you!


Jo-Cox-CardMy How They’ve Grown
by Jo Cox
Family photos don’t have to always be perfect. This series show so much character lets family and friends see how much the kids have developed over the last 12 months.  Don’t forget to add some words about your year so they know how you feel too.

Bub-CardBest Wishes From Bubba
by Helen Woodroffe
If 2015 has seen an addition to your family, why not show them off on the your Christmas Card.  All you need to do is complement their photo with a simple festive graphic or message, and the bonus of writing your own words is they’re always from the heart.


Beckett-CardFestive Family Portrait
by Kristen Beckett
Santa Hats always signify Christmas!  We’ve got Santa Hat graphics in our Funky and Traditional Christmas embellishment packs that you can add to a portrait shot by you or a professional photographer. Use our black and white hue tool for a classy touch!


Margot-CardEspecially for You
by Nikki Foster

This card is truly personalised as it’s a photo of Nikki with the friend she’s sending the card to. That takes effort and says so much about her friendship. Featuring your family or friend on their own Christmas card is a way of telling them they’re extra special.


White-CardWinter Wonderland Tags
by Bronwyn Kidson
If you’re had the good fortune of experiencing a cold clime in the last 12 months, why not print it on a Christmas card for a more traditional look and feel.  Try combining black-and-white images with a splash of colour – it seems to work every time.



We hope we’ve inspired you to make your own card this year, and we promise that they work out to be cost-effective but priceless. We suggest you choose Regular size for greeting cards and Small size for gift tags.  You then get to choose your preferred option of premium Art or Matte paper to suit the style of your design. Envelopes are always included.  For Greeting Card pricing see here.

Don’t miss out on our 20% off Greeting Cards in packs of 20 or more that ends 4 Nov! * Conditions apply.

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