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Photobook gifts: a trick and a treat

Momento-Family-Annual_1000WMaking a book of your best photographs from the year as a gift for family or close friends is also the perfect excuse for you to get your photo collection organised and printed – so it’s a treat for you too! Today’s blog post shows how to make the design process efficient and features some enviable family annual collections and enthusiast portfolios.

Special thanks to HappyNess Photography for the gorgeous photos in our main image!


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The Barrannual Collection
by Rachel Barr

We’d like to start with a big shout to our Rachel Barr for her commitment to preserving her family photos! She’s so up-to-date having created a series of beautifully coordinated family annuals for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 is in progress. Take a leaf out of her book by including the date on the spine text and maintain visual consistency across all the covers. Tis lovely to hear that her three coldest love flicking through their books too.
Time saver tip: Use the Save Layout As Template to keep design for next year


Momento Family Photobook 900Family + Friends 2015
by Vanessa Brown

Vanessa is a professional photographer who runs a successful family portrait business – HappyNess Photography. She’s a mum too, so she loves photos of her own family as much as anyone else. MUMS, don’t forget to get in the photos regularly too, otherwise you’ll be the invisible family member when the great grandkids review the book.
Time saver tip: Use the page templates in the Layouts menu


Mrs-HinzYear 2 Little Book of Memories
by Lisa Shannen and 2C

The students of 2C created the perfect Christmas gift for their teacher Mrs Hinz, and we imagine she shed a tear or two over it. It’s also the winner of our Book Of The Month comp.  Who wouldn’t want to receive one of these, and what a perfect way to thank someone who has cared for your kids and helped them learn throughout the year.
Time saver tip: Get a little help from friends. Ask mums to email edited images.



Class of 2014
by Nicola Topping of Real Image Photography NZ

We adore this book from the Year 1 students of Taupaki school to their much loved teacher Mrs Trew. This class was lucky to have a parent who is also a talented NZIPP professional photographer who knew just how to capture the personality of each child.  The kid’s comments on the chalkboard are pretty priceless too!
Time saver tip: Photograph drawings that are too big to scan


Nick-PortfolioPortfolio 2015
by Nick Chiarizia

Nick’s book was runner up in the October Book Of The Month comp so it was no surprise to discover that this book was actually his portfolio and final work for a Diploma of Photo Imaging at Photographic Imaging College, Melbourne. He’s doing well for a recent graduate as he was also selected as a finalist for the Olive Cotton Portraiture award 2015.
Time saver tip: Make the photography the hero with one image per book page


Enthusiast-Family-Portrait2014 Favourites
by Bruce Edmiston

It’s easy to see that Bruce is a photo enthusiast by the sophisticated composition and scenic backdrops in his family portraits and landscape shots. His layouts demonstrate that less is more, that black backgrounds can create a dramatic effect, and a simple white keyline frame finishes off the photo presentation in a professional way.
Time saver tip: Cull your photos as you go. If it’s not truly fabulous, let it go, but avoid deleting on your camera as this may corrupt the memory stick.


If you’re inspired, now’s your chance to organise your photos while making a Christmas gift for yourself or others AND to get 25% off books and boxes, until next Thursday 26 November 2015. * Conditions apply.  See all Terms and Conditions here.
Time saver tip: Print annuals every year to keep your family history safe

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