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calendar-lib-02Get your photos and your life organised by sorting and starring your best shots from the past year in your upcoming calendar, diary or notebook. Momento makes this easy because our free layout software has readymade templates that you just drop your photos into. Custom stationery with your own photos can give you something to smile about every day and they also make easy but meaningful Christmas gifts for family and friends.


Canberra Photographic Society Calendar
by Canberra Photographic Society

This group of photography enthusiasts have been making a calendar every year for the last five years.  It’s a collaborative effort coordinated by Secretary Helen McFadden and is a great way to show off their best images from throughout the year.  The photo featured in January is by Mr Steven Shaw. Momento has a special membership program for camera clubs and photographic societies, and you can find out more here.


by Linda Herd

We love the idea of printing travel photos in a calendar because it allows you to relive holiday memories and if you keep it at the office it can carry you away to a ‘happy place’ in moments of stress.  When you start a new Wall calendar in Momento’s software, you’re given the option of 12 or 18 months, and 9 monthly template designs – this one is called Sunkissed.


CalendarDelicious Desk Calendar
by Sarah Tuck

You can do more than just sharing your food photos on social channels! They work well in calendars too, as seen with this delicious desk calendar from Sarah at From The Kitchen.  We like to think of our Desk Calendars as gourmet but affordable because they’re printed on premium satin paper and are available for AUD$19.95 and NZD$20.00.



Voyager Calendar
by Chris Bray Voyager Club members

Here’s another collaborative effort by the guests on safari with Australian photographer and tour operator Chris Bray. The photos weren’t shot by Chris they’re by some of the ‘Voyager Club‘ tour participants who submitted their best shot and Chris selected the top 12. They obviously learned a lot and are giving Chris a run for his money!



Family Diary
by Janine Coveney Photography

Janine is a Tassie mum and professional photographer and we loved the images she used in her family diary, and her simple but stylish design. You can personalise every page of our custom diaries and here’s our hot tips:

  • Keep it simple with one photo per week and use Fill Page to make it stand out
  • Feature photos on different days but decrease the opacity so you can write on top
  • Add a headshot or text to highlight birthdays, school holidays and special events
  • Insert a double page at the end of each month to show off more photos

Find out more about diary features here and how to start a diary in the software here.


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Notebook covers with impact

Our spiral note books are the simplest thing to create in Momento’s software, you just add photos, text or embellishments to the cover then choose Lined, Blank, Diary or Recipe Book pages for the inside when you order online. Don’t forget to make the year clear on diaries and include the person’s name to make it more personalised.

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