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Family photo annuals made easy


Despite the fact you may have shot hundreds of photographs during 2017, the creation of a family photo annual doesn’t have to be a bigger production than Ben Hur. We know you take lots of photos but most of you don’t get time to do anything with them, so this post will show how a plan and some pragmatic decision making can result in an annual being made in less than an hour, and definitely before 7 December when our Christmas book orders close.

First step is to focus! We’re just interested in getting your best, and most meaningful shots, from the last 12 months into a printed book in time to put under the tree.

Assuming all your 2017 photos are in a single folder or a folder for each month, it’s time to curate. Your toughest job is selecting which photos to include. To make this process efficient, limit yourself to 10 photos for every month. That means 120 all up, more than enough to make a decent book. Be sure to grab milestone moments and special events like the first day of school or the soccer grand finals, plus at least one photo of each family member and a group – to be inclusive and show variety. For the best results, only choose shots that are in focus and don’t double up, every photo should be unique.

Now to lay them out in the software. The software can do this for you in no time as you’ll see how in our software demonstration of a Quickbook. You can also use our readymade page templates found in the Layout menu, which is what we’ve chosen for our sample album.

To keep this project achievable and the design clean and consistent, create a graphic theme by repeating the same layout for each month. We’ve gone for 10 photos across 4 spreads (8 pages) that would result in a 75 page book.

  • Start with a title page clearly noting the date, then give some context via a double page featuring your best family portrait and a summary of highlights from the year.

  • Treat each month like a chapter in a book. Label it and star your favourite photo from the month spanned across two pages. Use Set As Background photo for impact.

  • Keep the second spread simple by choosing a single-photo-per-page option in the Layouts Menu then add a few captions to remember names, ages and places.

  • Change up the design but keep the clean theme flowing, by presenting a series of images on Page 4 of your monthly chapter, followed by a big hero shot on the right.

  • For the last double page, feature your ninth and tenth shot for the month on a page of their own, using the same template you previously chose from the Layouts Menu.

  • Now just repeat this for each month, and if you’re keen throw in a few extra pages that give more insight into your personalities, like an annual ‘favourites’ list.

  • Last but not least, don’t forget to add the year to the cover and spine so you can easily identify it when it’s lined up with all your other annuals on the bookshelf!

If you’ve got this far you’ve got yourself a gorgeous keepsake for yourself and a meaningful gift for partners, kids, parents and family friends, just like this sample book. featuring the fabulous images of our customer, Shelley Reis of My Captured Life here.

We hope this is just the spark you need to make your own yearbook, and if you upload and order by 16 November not only will you enjoy 25% off but we imagine you’ll feel rather chuffed and lighter in spirit! Find the Terms + Conditions and redemption code on our Christmas webpage and Christmas order closing dates here. 

Be prepared for 2018

To be perfectly prepared for next year read our Invincible Photo Collection post. It will help you to establish a simple system that will protect your memories for the future, then dedicate just a few hours throughout the year to keep your photos organised and safe.

  • Weekly – transfer photos from phone and camera to computer*
  • Monthly – delete duds, tag 10 faves, write captions, back up online or to disc
  • Quarterly – if you enjoy photo editing, review and optimise your favourites
  • Annually – make your photo book
  • *Set a reminder or alert in your electronic diary so you don’t forget!


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