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Superstar father & photo book maker


This week we’re undoing the stereotype that mums are the family memory keepers by introducing you to Mark from Queensland! During corona isolation he made 12 photo books for his family, and he has three more on the go!


Late last year his family made a big move from one side of the country to the other. To help his girls with the transition he printed their milestone moments in a series of photo books so they could still see all the friends they were leaving behind.


He kept the process simple by creating a book for each year, and keeping the design consistent throughout all the books.


Each printed cover featured a full page image, and he added the date to every spine so they could be easily identified on the bookshelf. We think the book series looks very slick.


Mark also made sure that everyone starred in the books, including himself. He included photos that captured the ‘big’ and ‘small’ moments in their life so he was telling the whole story, not just the highlights.


Even the way he presented the books to his girls was impressive. He didn’t show them the designs onscreen, he waited until the books arrived, and ensured that everyone was at home before for the big reveal so they could enjoy the moment together.

Fathers-day main

If your dad hasn’t had time to print his precious photos yet, help him out with a Father’s Day photo book or stationery gift at or


Images by Mark and Elka Hunt.


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